About Us

Our Team

Whenever possible we implement a team of resources that are professionals and “specialists” in their respective areas. This may include direct consultation or collaboration with world-class Portfolio Managers*, insurance specialists, tax consultants, accounting professionals professionals such as mortgage brokers, estate/tax lawyers and accountants to ensure that all of your financial needs are met.

Our History & Experience

Hildebrand Wealth Management is focused on core financial planning, tailored wealth creation strategies and corporate consulting. With experience in everything from retirement savings and pension decisions, to estate freezes and corporate restructuring; our team has the necessary expertise to help with your situation.

Serving clients for over 25 years, we have been distinct in the marketplace on the basis of superior financial planning services, integrity of advice, and the performance and accountability of financial products and strategies recommended.

*Investment products are offered by Hildebrand Investments of Aligned Capital Partners Inc.